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  • Health Care

  Health issue is the most important in the World. More and more attention is dedicated to the health problems and India is not an exception.

  We work under one vision statement: to increase the awareness among the community for health problems and assist them with health care facilities in order to improve the quality of their life.

  We inform elderly people about their rights to the health care services. Various seminars, educational programs relating health care issues are being organized by us as well.Our aim is to aware the community regarding their health because in village area superstition is still prevalent.The villagers are deprived of minimum health care. They do not immunize their children and are hesitant to adopt small family norms.

  To make the villagers aware Mission Bharti NGO organizations conduct various health care projects, campaigns, seminars, conferences, and aware the people about various diseases, its cause and effects with precaution.