Our Services

  • Education
  • Financial Assistance
  • Agriculture
  • Computer Cources
  • Self Employment
  • Health Care
  • Self Employment

Since the country has high unemployment rates, we promote the self-employment among the young people.

  We conduct skill development training especially among the youngsters. The regular training programmes are conducted on the regular basis to improve their skills.We also provide some training programs and promote self-employment among women and rural communities.

  Training programs, seminars are organized regularly. Seminars are intended to upgrade the skills of young people, developing rural communities, motivating people for self-employment.The main aim of our organization is to develop entrepreneurial skills among the Youngsters for encouraging them to the self-employment.

  On the basis of investment in fixed capital in plant and machinery or on the basis of nature or place of operation, we provide some small business for self-employment:

  • Small-scale industries
  • Village industries
  • Silkworm Rearing Houses